Spectacular Brass Candle Holder

Stimulate your satisfaction with these exquisite brass candle holders and find a new way to decorate your home

Size – 8 inches


MOQ- 100

Please email us to for bulk inquiries



  • The distinct structure and sleek design of these brass candle holders are a thing of beauty which amplifies the elegance of the interiors, wherever they are placed.
  • Made with the purest of materials, these candle holders are shaped with precision such that each one is symmetrical to its partner and reflects the shimmer of light peacefully.
  • Easy to hold and place in any corner of your interiors for the ultimate revival of charming beauty.


  • Beautifully handmade brass candle holder
  • Shining candle holder
  • Pure brass candle holder

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

  • Wipe with a Damp Cloth
  • Don’t Use harmful Chemicals to clean a Brass Candle Holders

Custom Designs and Patterns are available


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