Morrocan Grids Bone Inlay Bathroom Sets


Nothing can beat the aura and beauty of a handmade bone inlay bath vanity set, the luxury redefined.




  • Exquisitely designed vanity sets, made in high quality, very premium quality.
  • Made in a waterproof medium, they are perfect to use with any interior of the bathroom. Just place them in harmony to create a display of exquisite art
  • The art that inspires, distinctive and traditional bathroom sets that are needed in modern interiors.


  • Purely Handmade Bathroom Sets
  • Bone Inlay Art
  • Colorful Bone Inlay Vanity sets

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Bone Inlay has a porous surface, so it is instructed to never use harmful cleaning agents or too much water for cleaning. A damp cloth is best to wipe off your bone inlay.

Size – Standard, Customized Sizes and Pieces available



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