Hexagon Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

A beautiful conglomeration of geometric patterns and light blue accents in a Bone Inlay Chest of Drawer

Size – 35*34*19 inches

MOQ : 5


Please write to us for retail, bulk, and clubbed orders with shipping information-



  • Appealing and mesmerizing piece of furniture to own with pride.
  • Beehive or hexagon patterns are handmade using bone inlay and wood mastering the art of bone inlay.
  • Add a classic piece of bone inlay to your any theme of interiors.


Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Bone Inlay has a porous surface, so it is instructed to never use harmful cleaning agents or too much water for cleaning. A damp cloth is best to wipe off your bone inlay. You can keep the colors and patterns as new on your bone Inlay furniture by applying Vaseline or wax, it avoids drying of the organic base.