Grid Curve Bone Inlay Bowl


Magnificently  HandCrafted for the elite you, the premium Bone Inlay Bowls to make your serve ware traditional display of craftsmanship.

MOQ- 100


Size- 8 inches diameter



  • Decorate & Serve your interiors with this handcrafted charming Bone Inlay Bowls collection that will entice your senses and invoke feelings of joy.
  • An attractive collection of Bone Inlay Bowls in subtle hues to suit every mood and environment and elevate the beauty quotient of your interiors.
  • pair with trays and vases to this Bowl for an instant shift in your interior aura and beauty.


  • Beautifully handcrafted
  • Colorful Bone Inlay Bowls
  • Charming Bone Inlay Bowls

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Bone Inlay has a porous surface, so it is instructed to never use harmful cleaning agents or too much water for cleaning. A damp cloth is best to wipe off your bone inlay.

Custom Designs and Patterns are available


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