Green Foliage Mother Of Pearl Coasters Tray Set

Own best coasters to hold the glasses and adorn your mother of pearl foliage trays, these beautiful coasters are made to custom colors in premium quality.

MOQ- 100

Size – Diameter- 5 inches



Green Foliage Mother Of Pearl Coasters Tray Set


  • Each foliage pattern and twines have been handcrafted to create a very niche look, dove white coasters appear so beautiful to own them or gift proudly.
  • Can be placed on any color or scheme of tables, a beautiful range of oyster shells and seashell inlay handmade coasters is available as custom-made designs. Available in sets of desired patterns, speak to us.
  • The art inspires distinctive articles that are needed in modern interiors. The quality that speaks for itself.


  • Purely Handmade Coasters
  • Classy and Regal Gift
  • High-Quality Mother of Pearl

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Mother of Pearl Inlay cleaning does not require harmful cleaning agents or too much water for cleaning. A damp cloth is best to wipe off your mother of pearl inlay.

Custom Colors are available.