Foliage Meenakari Pure Copper Bottle


Beautiful enamel-coated and healthiest  drinkware, Meenakari Copper Bottles are trendy and stylish


MOQ : 50

Capacity- 950 ml, 650 ml



Pure Copper Benefits

Foliage Meenakari Pure Copper Bottle made for your health when microbes come in contact with copper, it dies immediately. This is because they cause membrane damage to the respective viruses and this results in the form of death and that too in a matter of a few minutes. So, this is the reason why people are still looking for copper utensils like plates, bottles, and many more.

Well Designed and Beautiful Foliage Meenakari Pure Copper Bottle, We are India’s top Copper Bottle Manufacturers with export quality material, We export to UAE, USA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other European Countries


  • Attractive and colorful patterns provide a detailed finish to this Copper Bottle.
  • The Copper Vessel is manufactured using a single sheet of 99.1% premium quality copper for storing water.
  • Each Pure copper Bottle has a leak-proof silicone washer.


  • Precisely handcrafted
  • Easy to clean
  • Seamless seal

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

  • Pure Copper bottles/utensils are polished and lacquered (optional) on the exterior only to make them look beautiful.
  • Meenakari Bottles can be washed with mild dish soap, hard abrasive, scrubbing to be avoided.
  • Pure Copper reacts with air and has a tendency to get oxidized that does not change the internal properties of the metal.
  • Simply clean with lemon and salt mixture or White Vinegar salt to get a shiny copper metal again.


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