Brass Candle Holder

Place a pair of these beautiful brass candle holder in your interiors for the ultimate reflection of perfection

Size – 12 inches, 8 inches


MOQ- 100

( Custom Designs and Patterns are available )

Please email us at for bulk inquiries




  • Turn your audience’s interest and attention towards your unique taste in home decoration with this exclusive brass candle holder, which speaks a bold statement with its design.
  • The expert artisans who have designed this candle holder have given it the most attractive turns and shapes, which describe the story of this candle holder.
  • The quality finishing on this candle holder and the exclusive design of the holder are not to be found elsewhere.


  • Quality handmade candle holder
  • Authentic brass candle holder
  • Aesthetic brass candle holder

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

  • Wipe with a Damp Cloth
  • Don’t Use harmful Chemicals to clean a Brass Candle Holders

Custom Designs and Patterns are available


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