Blue Marrakech Bone Inlay Boxes

 Artistic masterpiece and the charming marrakech patterned bone inlay boxes to make the most beautiful visual at your home.

MOQ- 50

Size –  4*3*2 Inches,  6*4*4  inches, 8*6*4 inches

Please email us for customized and bulk orders to



  • The charm of bone inlay never goes wrong with traditional or minimalistic interiors, and moreover grids are inspirational for other coordinating interior ensembles.
  • These beautiful bone inlay boxes are made to last and suit any type of interiors, there are other options in the same artwork available.
  • The art that inspires distinctive and traditional boxes  in all shapes and sizes that are needed in modern interiors.


  • Purely Handmade Boxes
  • Bone Inlay Boxes in Beautiful hues
  • Amazing artistry from seasoned artists

Caring and Cleaning Instructions-

Bone Inlay has a porous surface, so it is instructed to never use harmful cleaning agents or too much water for cleaning. A damp cloth is best to wipe off your bone inlay.