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Why is it important to buy a Good Quality Copper Bottle?

Does Copper Kills the Corona Virus too?

Copper Kills the Corona Virus

As we all are very well aware that Copper metal has anti-microbial properties, so the latest question is- Does this metal kills Corona Virus as well? Copper and its health benefits are not new now, this metal is being used worldwide, whereas India is the largest producer of handmade copper utensils, also this metal has found use in Ayurveda.

 Several scientific studies prove that bacteria/viruses get killed within 4 hours, of coming to contact with a copper surface.

In, today’s scenario where any antiseptic or antimicrobial formation has found a large use in every person’s life, this property of Copper has made it a boon to easily find a space in every person’s life in the form of utensils, tools or even furniture.

Scientific Theory to Support the fact

For the brainstormers like me, it’s necessary to divulge the fact through scientific theory how copper kills not just any viruses and bacteria but the latest menace to mankind, the Covid-19

Well in simple words, copper is a highly reactive and dissolvable metal, it’s ions are good enough to damage a bacterial or virus-cell membrane by destroying the DNA or RNA structure of the microbe by generating H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).

Whereas the other metals like steel or widely use plastic have become the happy breeding grounds for several microbes.

Copper Actually Kills Microbes

It has been well researched by several scientists & is an Ayurveda fact that food or water stored in a Copper Vessel. It is highly beneficial for health. due to the mixing of Copper Ions into it and also storing for 4 hours or so, Copper may kill lethal microbes.

Wash Veggies with Copper Bottled Water

We bring vegetables from the market and they are the carriers of several germs and even Corona Virus nowadays. Hence, it’s a challenge to properly clean them before storing them.

This task may be easier and a lot safer now, we can simply wash the vegetables with warm water than being immersed in a copper vessel filled with the stored water in it for a few hours.

The Copper ions in the water and vessel would start killing the bacterial cells and viruses over a few hours. Then we can simply dry the veggies on a towel to store or use them safely. Divian Decor

We can incorporate this magical and most healthy metal in our lives to not only keep our food safe but also to get several health benefits out of it.

We must reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives and use Copper vessels, bottles, and storage containers largely and also make alloy free Copper vessels and supply them to your country in any part of the globe with your branding.

Nature has given us the bounty of blessings in the form of all-natural metals and things. 

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Hottest Furniture Trends on Pinterest – Bone Inlay Furniture

Hottest Bone Inlay Furniture

A strong and positive house builds a strong and healthy mind. A home is a place where people rest and rejuvenate. It is a place where people can be in their most comfortable self. It goes without saying that keeping a beautiful & positive household is necessary in order to lead a successful life. Bone Inlay furniture is the next smart and glamorous furniture that you need at home. This blog focuses on types of Bone Inlay Home Decor in order to provide the readers with the smartest trend emerging in the market.

Bone Inlay art refers to the process of using naturally deceased camel’s bones to use them as contrasting material over a base object. It is environment-friendly and gives a unique aurora when showcased at home.


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Norris


Various Trending Furnitures on Pinterest that are made by the Manufacturer of Bone Inlay Furniture in India

  1. Bone Inlay Sitting furniture

The manufacturer of Bone Inlay Furniture in India pays detailed attention to making attractive yet durable sitting furniture. As shown below by two forms – chairs and stools, they both seem like an appealing piece of furniture vowed to dazzle your guests.

    • Bone Inlay Stools and Chairs.


  1. Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

Home decors also offer cabinets with such detailed magnificent covers. Such a design gives a modern yet graceful outlook to the visitors. The background colors come in various types such as maroon, cream, or even pink.


Diamond Azure Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers, Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

Diamond Azure Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers

  1. Bone Inlay Mirrors

The variety of Bone Inlay furniture home decor expands to building elegant mirror cases as well. Although mirrors are now being installed in dressing tables with exquisite woodwork, the wall mirrors as shown below have not gone out of fashion. Bone Inlay allows the manufacturers to get creative with the cases in which these mirrors are kept in.

  1. Bone Inlay Wardrobe

The beauty of Bone Inlay Home Decor can be seen by how the following wardrobe has been gorgeously beautified with a minute and meticulous patterns.

  1. Bone Inlay Coffee Table

Manufacturers of bone inlay furnitures in India work hard at bringing creativity to the design of simple tables as well. The following image showcases bone inlays artwork that can give an artistic look to simple furnitures like a table.

Geo Monochrome Bone Inlay Coffee Table, Bone Inlay Coffee Table

Geo Monochrome Bone Inlay Coffee Table


No matter where you are living, you can avail of the services of worldwide shipping of bone inlay home decor and give your home a visually stunning and environment-friendly look, Divian Decore. The manufacturer of Bone Inlay furniture in India makes sure that all the products that they are selling are pure and are of the best quality.

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Are Copper Bottles Safe For Regular Water Drinking Consumption?

Are Copper Bottles Safe For Regular Water Drinking Consumption?  

Copper bottles

Copper is known as man’s oldest metal. The usage of Copper dates back to the Egyptian civilization and was the most popular metal used to craft vessels and drinking from copper utensils and Bottles are not new, it has been an Indian Tradition for a long time we remember. Drinking water from Copper bottles is considered to be safe.

Our ancestors used to adopt this practice as well. Thus, it is practical for us to find out why they considered copper utensils to be beneficial to drink water from. Our ancestors had great wisdom in this regard and their healthy lifestyle serves as an example for us to learn.

copper bottles, pure copper bottles, manufacturer of copper bottles

Also, the increase in public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bottles for both the environment and for our health has raised concerns over its usage. Thus, professional manufacturers who have thoroughly researched the health benefits and right ways to consume water from copper bottles, provide us with clear perspectives regarding its usage, evidence to support this practice, and historical origin.

The Benefits of Drinking Water from Copper Bottles

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, water-borne diseases can be prevented to a great extent by storing water in a copper bottle. These anti-bacterial properties do not take effect immediately and the water needs to be stored for at least eight hours before consumption.

This is the result of the ‘Oligodynamic effect’, which essentially helps kill germs and bacteria. A small amount of copper ions is released into water stored in copper vessels when left for a certain amount of time. These ions aid in the killing or removal of certain bacteria.

These effects have been observed in laboratories. Drinking water regularly from Copper bottles improves our immunity and digestive health as well. It is also extremely beneficial for pregnant women to duly adopt this routine since the right usage helps prevent copper deficiency in them and fights general fatigue.


“If certain bacteria, fungi, or algae inch across something made of copper, they absorb copper atoms, which disrupt their metabolism (human cells are unaffected). The microbes choke and die after a few hours.”
― Sam Kean


Worldwide Delivery from Professional Manufacturers

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, it is important to keep in mind the right ways to utilize a copper bottle to obtain maximum benefit. Drinking from copper bottles is an ayurvedic practice and there are tips to be followed, keeping in mind the science behind this routine.

First and foremost, the quality of copper must be good. Trusted manufacturers such as Divian Decor manufactures high-quality copper bottles in different designs to suit this requirement, making it the ideal choice to buy. They are quality tested for international standards, enabling people from all over the globe to reap the benefits of their purchase.

The next point to keep in mind is that over-consumption must be avoided. Experts suggest drinking water fresh from a copper vessel in the morning, after leaving it overnight for about 6-8 hours is enough. Drinking the water that has been stored for 6-8 hours once or twice a day can provide numerous health perks and helps prevent water-borne diseases. A copper bottle can also be carried around for regular use and re-filled as per requirements.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your uniquely designed copper bottle today! Embark on a new lifestyle choice and switch to copper bottles.

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Beautify any space with a Bone Inlay Console

Beautify any space with a Bone Inlay Console Table

Beautify any interior space with a Bone Inlay Console Table

As we are advancing in every sphere of life, people are now more than ever paying attention to beautifying their lives without harming the environment. They are switching to products that are not harmful to the environment and can also create an exquisite space at home. The manufacturers of Bone Inlay Console Table in India are working hard in the field of improving the households of people across the country.

“Good houses take work.” – Michael S. Smith


Bone Inlay Console Table is based on the practice of Bone Inlay art that originated in India. It creates consoles and furniture in a unique manner. The bones of a naturally deceased camel are used to create unique designs that are then pressed upon a base object. The method is environment-friendly and the end product is uniquely beautiful.

We as manufacturers of Bone Inlay Console in India put in a lot of effort and creativity while designing the various consoles. Consoles refer to a tabletop supported by ornamented brackets against a wall. Therefore, they pay attention to manufacturing these consoles in various sizes and shapes so that they can be placed anywhere in the house and beautify the place.

Console tables provide a strong focal point at any home. It is important to have a durable yet graceful table that can attract the attention of your guests and not fall down at even the slightest pressure.

Console tables provide mixed functions. They can either be used to showcase family pictures, flower pots, lamps or can be used as a dressing table or for having dinner on it.

While choosing a bone inlay consoles for your house it is important to keep the following points in mind:

 Once you have arranged the furniture in the house, pick out a location that will be visible from entry but not be intrusive.

  • The next step is to determine the function of the console. A console with a vague purpose can bring down its attractiveness.
  • The third and most important step while choosing a bone inlay console is to remember that it must not be a misfit with the decor of the place where it is kept.

Therefore, we see that the console will be able to make its statement only when it has been chosen and used appropriately. There is no need to buy extravagant consoles. Even a small and simple bone inlay console will be sufficient in providing an elegant home space area.

A few types of Bone Inlay Console furniture are shown below:

  1. Study Table / Work Table – Create the most attractive work area with a Bone Inlay Console Table and contrasting seating. We assure you that you would never get bored of working on your table.
  2. Kitchen Drawers – A wooden drawer with bone inlay patterns can bring life to any crockery or kitchen drawers.
  3. Dressing Tables – The hottest of all trends is the Bone Inlay Dresser with a matching stool or a Bone Inlay Roman chair. The beautiful mirror above with a rightly placed light creates a fascinating look at your home.
  4. Nightstand – The traditional ones or contemporary designed, Bone Inlay nightstands give the much-required storage space with unmatchable beauty in any space. Bone Inlay Bedsides are available in a multitude of designs at Divian Decore.
  5. Sofa Tables – If you would like to add an unexceptional piece of furniture to your living room with not much of investment, just buy a beautiful Bone Inlay side table.
  6. Dining Table – When Dining Tables are the essential piece of furniture and mostly, they are kept in the dining area adjacent to the living room, you should not miss this one. A beautifully patterned Bone Inlay Dining Table in round make any interior come alive.

Bone Inlay art has existed through generations in Indian culture. With the expansion in its art form, the manufacturers of Bone Inlay Console in India make sure to use this creativity to decorate almost any type of furniture.  Contact your nearest Bone Inlay console seller and make the smart choice today! At Divian, you would find the most exquisite bone inlay manufacturing services at reasonable prices.

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Why is it important to buy a Good Quality Copper Bottle?

Looking for Good Quality Pure Copper Bottle

As the quote says, it is very important to keep our health at its peak. Failing to maintain our health and fitness results in various complications. If we are physically not fit, then it also affects our mental health too. Hence it is very important to safeguard our body from harmful germs like bacteria, fungi, etc., and diseases like Malaria, Cholera, Dengue, etc. use good quality pure copper bottles.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… And failing which is a sin” -Buddha

Safeguarding our body

Now as we have emphasized the importance of safeguarding our body, it is time to learn more about how we can safeguard our health. Some of the safeguarding measures include,

  • Maintaining proper hygiene
  • Drinking boiled water
  • Proper hand sanitization
  • Intaking a balanced diet
  • Exercising
  • Resting for proper hours

Most of the diseases and germs come through the water that we drink. Hence it is a must that we purify the water that we drink. Even though after purification, the water we drink is stored in bottles that might have germs in them and can eventually contaminate the purified water with the germs present in it.

Hence, to avoid such problems, Pure Copper Bottle can help us to eliminate the problem of water contamination. But it is equally necessary to buy good quality and alloy free Copper products only.

Why Pure Copper Bottles?

You may ask why do we want to use Pure Copper Bottles? Pure Copper Bottle can nullify the effects of bacteria, thus protecting us from any germ attacks.

In a recent study, it has been proved that copper ions have the ability to kill bacteria by damaging the membrane.

Benefits of drinking from good Pure Copper bottles

  • Weight Loss

Copper has the ability to break down the fat stored in our body. After breaking down these fats, they are eliminated from the body, hence resulting in weight loss.

  • Shows Aging

We all age after a point in time. The signs of aging are fine lines and wrinkles. This occurs due to the aging factor as well as stress. Copper is known as nature’s natural anti-oxidant. So, drinking copper infused water will slow down the aging process and it also assists in cell formation.

  • Improves digestion

Copper is known for having antibacterial properties that eliminate the harmful bacteria present in your digestive system. It also detoxifies your body and improves your digestion process.

  • Maintains the heart’s health

A recent study by the American Cancer Society has shown that copper has the ability to maintain proper blood pressure and heartbeat rate. It also has the ability to lower down its cholesterol.

  • Faster healing of wounds

Copper-infused water helps to strengthen your immune system. This results in faster healing of any wounds.


To conclude, we can say that drinking water from Pure Copper Bottle helps us in many ways and provides protection from harmful water-borne germs and diseases. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these and put a full stop to germs and diseases.

Opt for a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow. We at Divian Decor make Pure Copper Bottles and Utensils with high quality to ensure that you get the authentic and harmless product every time.


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